Smart Chemical Services 

We provide chemicals for drilling, completion, production and water treatment. 
Drilling Fluids

Smart Chemical offers drilling additives for vertical and horizontal drilling that stabilize and provide superior lubricity for tight oil and gas formations. 

The DrillSmart line of products are patent-pending combination products that stabilize formation and lower torque in the well bore. In addition, they improve fluid loss and enhance corrosion protection.
Completion Fluids

At Smart Chemical, we "Think Outside The Pipe." Our completion fluids are designed with this belief in mind.  All of our chemistries are designed to minimize the impact water has on a reservoir and maximize the long-term production of oil and gas. 

Smart Chemical's integrated product suite addresses reservoir stability, scale control, bacterial control and oil/water stabilized emulsions. 
Water Treatment

Smart Chemical believes "Water Is Everything," as it is the universal solvent. We always keep in mind the effect water may have on a reservoir. That is why Smart Chemical thinks "Outside the Pipe." 

Water's impact on a reservoir and the long-term production of oil and gas must be considered in the processing of flow back and produced fluids. Managing water from completion to production has the greatest impact on our customers' profitability. Wisely utilizing this resource is Smart Chemical's expertise.

Production Chemicals

Smart Chemical's full suite of production chemicals focuses on providing low-total operating cost for its customers. We offer a complete range of production chemicals, well-site pumps and tanks, and employ highly-trained field technicians that monitor performance and field testing.

Understanding production operations and the impact that mechanical and chemical changes have on the long-term production of oil and gas wells is Smart Chemical's specialty. 
Fuel Additives

Smart Chemical provides chemicals and services that improve the quality of fuels. Fuels must meet stringent requirements to perform effectively under diverse conditions. 

Additives are cost-effective solutions that help enable fuels to meet requirements and improve user operability. Thorough analysis of each individual application maximizes the return to Smart Chemical's customers.

Industrial And Mid-Stream Chemicals

Smart Chemical Services provides water treatment and process additives for mid-stream processing, transportation, and refining. Additives include cooling water, boiler water, H2S scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, compressor anti-foulants, and biocides. 

Smart Chemical Services provides our customers qualified technical representatives that are experts at applying the chemistries mentioned above that help our customers meet operational efficiencies and DOT pipeline requirements and specifications.